Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are one of the most investor friendly investment avenues available to the retail investor in India today. Mutual Funds are an indirect way of taking exposure to the Indian equity market.

Hence it is very important that you choose your Mutual Fund schemes wisely. A well designed Mutual Fund portfolio of 7 to 10 well chosen schemes has the ability to consistently beat the Sensex year on year by a wide margin.

Reasons to invest in Mutual funds

• Managed by professionals who have the time and expertise to manage your money..

• Spread your risk by investing in diverse financial instruments with lower transaction costs than individual investors.

Our Mutual Funds expertise is our core competency. We have years of experience in studying and analyzing mutual fund schemes. Each scheme that we suggest is chosen after a thorough research and review.

What we do under our Mutual Fund Advisory Services?

1. Thorough review of your existing Mutual Funds portfolio.

2. Creation of a fresh Mutual Funds portfolio to suit your individual profile considering your risk profile and that helps you achieve your financial goals.

3. Creating of a Mutual Funds portfolio specifically for Retirement Planning, Planning for Child Education and Marriage, a portfolio to help you buy a House, etc.

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