Retirement planning

Retirement planning

For the majority of us our goal is early retirement, yet how many of us actually make a conscious effort to consider retirement planning.

When it’s often deemed an issue that will affect us only in the distant future, it is easy to relegate the topic to the ‘backburner’ and spend our energies coping with our all-too-often frenetic working conditions, our families and our busy social lives.

Yet, providing for retirement is a major consideration and one we all need to take a honest look at, because it affects not only ourselves, but our families too. Deciding when we can afford to take a step back, yet maintain a particular lifestyle, requires careful pension planning.

Why Our Retirement planning?

All of us are living longer than our forefathers. It's absolutely essential to have enough money during our old age. Due to increase in the cost of health care, you need more money for the long term than in the short term. When you are young you will have lesser income and lesser savings. When you reach middle age, you will have higher income and higher savings. As you grow older, you will have perhaps no income and only your savings saved during your earning period, will come to your rescue.

Life insurance, pensions and provident fund lock up your savings like in a bank vault and prevent you from withdrawing for your short term needs. A retirement plan helps you set aside money in your prime years when you are generating income and enjoy a healthy lump sum or a steady income in your retirement years.

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