Tailor-made Planning

Tailor-made Planning

Your financial needs like educating children, providing for their wedding expenses and keeping money aside after your retirement requires substantial money. These needs in a way are your financial liabilities. Against these financial liabilities, you need to steadily save and accumulate assets.

When your liabilities are long term, you need to invest in long term assets too. If you do otherwise, your assets will mature much earlier than your need and you may lose the rhythm of long term compounded savings that give you sizeable money. Long term investments also reduce volatility and enhances risk adjusted returns.

Life insurance like pensions and provident fund locks up your savings like in a bank vault and prevent you from withdrawing for your short term needs. Of course, you need money for short and medium terms also. For those purposes, you need to keep some balance in your bank deposits and some in medium term investments like mutual funds for a balanced life style.

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